Pics: What the Joker Could’ve Been

Friday, August 8 by

By now we all know that Heather Ledger did the best thing any human being has ever done in the history of the world when he played the Joker. (Just because he was really good doesn’t mean I can’t be a sarcastic jerk about it). But these concept images that were used before the movie started shooting look even creepier than the actual Joker. Well, except for that one with the purple suit, which looks kind of like an outtake from a Good Charlotte video.

Apparently there’s a lot more stuff like this in a book called The Dark Knight: Featuring Production Art and Full Shooting Script, which I will be looking at but not purchasing at Barnes and Noble later like I do with every other book and magazine. If you want to buy it, though, here’s the Amazon link.

Found on Slashfilm

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