When it rains (production stills), it pours (production stills). Today it pours, with single images from Judge Dredd, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and a seemingly unofficial photo from the set of Spider-Man. What can we glean from these stills?

The new Judge Dredd kind of looks like a housefly, and the post-apocalyptic motorcycle looks like something a shop class would have made in 1981. Let's hope that the upcoming trailer will give us some dimensions that the stills have failed to. (/Film)

The new 'Pirates' appears to be trying to sell audiences on the 3-D experience they will provide with this image. Given that the franchise has gotten a little stale over the past decade or so, playing up the 3-D angle will probably do more for buzz than any aspect of the story good. With Disney behind it, this could be a fun one. (Cinema Blend)

Here, we can see that Spider-Man either broke his arm or Andrew Garfield has truly awful running form. We've seen this costume before, and it looks a lot more interesting up close than it does from this distance. Further, this is the second time we've seen Spider-Man jaywalking. I don't to get all preachy, but someone should tell Sony Studios that impressionable kids will be watching this. (Coming Soon)