Photobomb Fridays: ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ + Lame Vampire

Friday, January 29 by

Someone decided to "turn" a tad prematurely.

Here are your weekend links.

25 People Kicked in the Nuts (HolyTaco)

A 1/2 Rotation Backflip Can be Painful (TotalProSports)

Hot Girls in Mirrors Make Great Photographers (TheChive)

Lessons We’ve Learned from Gambling Movies (Moviefone)

8 Wettest & Wildest Videos (Maxim)

Farther Down the Juggalo Rabbit Hole (FilmDrunk)

Where the Wild Sopranos Are (Manofest)

10 Most Indelible Characters of the Last 100 Years (Pajiba)

"Pants on the Ground" Singer Found Dead (CelebJihad)

You Cannot Beat the J.J. Abrams Board Game (Unreality)

Best Videos of the iPad Backlash (Asylum)

8 Rejected iPad Prototypes (RegretfulMorning)

6 Best Beer and Grub Combos (MadeMan)

Will Hamlin’s Injury Affect His 2010 Season (AllLeftTurns)


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