Photobomb Friday: ‘From Here to Eternity’ + Beached Whale

Friday, May 14 by

Get a room, you two.

Here are your weekend links

Hugh Hefner and Joan Rivers Vs. Best Worst Movie (Moviefone)

Masterclash Takes On Bad TV (Asylum)

Oprah to Tom Cruise: Sit Your Ass Down (Popeater)

25 Sad Cleveland Fans (Holy Taco)

Hard Ticket To Hawaii Keeps On Giving (Film Drunk)

Cleveland Serenades LeBron (Total Pro Sports)

Maxim’s Hottest Hand Bras (Maxim)

Dan Quinn Gives Advice to Jesse James (Cage Potato)

Jessica Alba Shows Butt Crack, Enjoys Anal (CelebJihad)

Iron Man Vs. Kool-Aid Man (Smosh)

Robin Hood Is Not A Very Fun Movie (Pajiba)

A Montage of Manliness (Atom)

Live In the Original Playboy Mansion (MadeMan)

Victory Lane Girls (All Left Turns)

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