The question of whether or not Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games, Salt) would direct Hunter/Killer has finally been answered, just like the question of "Who Is Salt?" was finally answered. That's a big affirmative on Noyce, and spoiler alert: Salt is Angelina Jolie. Sorry if I ruined the big surprise for you.

Hunter/Killer is based on the novel Firing Point by Don Keith and George Wallace, which has a far less retarded name. Here's a synopsis of the submarine drama:
" untested submarine captain [must] work with a Navy SEAL team to rescue the Russian president, who has bee taken prisoner during a military coup, in an effort to stop a rogue Russian General from igniting World War III.”

The script was written by Jamie Ross, who penned X-Men: First Class. The trailer for First Class looks awesome, so I think it's safe to make the leap that this will be an excellently written film, assuming the entire length of the movie is 3 minutes or so. (/Film)