Phillip Noyce Could Direct ‘Hunter Killer’, Should Consider A New Title

Monday, February 14 by

Phillip Noyce is in talks to step in for Pierre Morel (Taken, District B-13) as director of Relativity Media’s Hunter Killer. The film, based on the George Willis and Don Keith novel “Firing Point,” concerns the teaming up of a sub commander and a group of Navy Seals who must rescue of the Russian President and defeat an admiral who is attempting a military coup.

Noyce is also attached to a project called Timeless, so whichever gets off the ground first will likely be the one he goes with. Noyce, who last directed Salt (but won’t be directing the sequel), has a last name that sounds like what a Frat boy says when he discovers a second keg. Hunter Killer sounds like what an 8 year old titles a screenplay he’s writing for his action figures to star in, but has the potential to be a decent action thriller. (Latino Review)

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