Hey teens! You've been reading about and yearning to see the squares-only R-rated The King's Speech, but don't even THINK about resorting to an illegal download or waiting for the movie to come on HBO. Harvey Weinstein has a better idea - release the movie with all the f-words bleeped over like in "Jerry Springer" or "The Osbournes." Tom Hooper, the director, said at the SAG awards: ""I wouldn’t support cutting the film in any way. I think we looked at whether it’s possible to bleep out the fucks and stuff." Way to stand on principle about the cutting, but why is this ridiculous bleeping idea better than editing the movie?

Anyway, this wouldn't be an unprecedented move from Weinstein, who also released Roberto Begnini's Life Is Beautiful dubbed into English in order to expand its American appeal. This is a new low, although perhaps the MPAA is somewhat to blame as well - didn't Titanic manage a PG-13? And it had nudity! (via Vulture)