The Ant-Man drama has been put to rest, it would seem. A couple weeks after Edgar Wright stepped off the project, HIS project, abruptly, Marvel was scrambling to find a new helmer who could take Wright's vision and run with it. After knocking on the door of comedy director Adam McKay, who turned the project down, the studio has found their director in Peyton Reed.

Reed doesn't exactly follow Wright's cults sensibilities, as he's been the force behind broader comedies such as The Break-Up, Yes Man, and Bring It On. However, that doesn't mean he CAN'T do it. Just that he hasn't done anything similar yet. Also, though Adam McKay backed out due to prior conflicts, he'll still be hanging around in an uncertain consulting role, so that's pretty good news.

Edgar Wright's disappearance from his own labor of love is still a little confusing, though, and any director who isn't Edgar Wright is going to feel like a compromise on this one.