Pierre Morel, the director of the blockbuster Taken, has decided to go whole hog into the action genre, serving as producer of Overdrive. Unlike Taken, this film will take place in the SOUTH of France, where two car thieves will run across a ruthless crime boss. Colombian helmer Antonio Negret, who is currently completing Joel Silver's Transit is attached to direct.

Alex "Ubiquity" Pettyfer and Matthew Goode are in talks to star, which is a mixed blessing, as Goode had some strong moments in The Watchmen, whereas Pettyfer is just an awful actor that I don't want to see any more of ever.

Fortunately, the writing team behind Overdrive has a strong pedigree behind them. Michael Brandt and Derek Haas have cut their teeth on both 3:10 to Yuma and Wanted, which gives us no indication if this film will have an element of gravity behind it...or if it will be like Wanted.

Where the writing team doesn't give us answers, however, the producers do. Producer Gregoire Melin states "Overdrive is an action flick with brains and a great dose of humor, mixing elements of Point Break and The Hangover. "

Sounds like Pettyfer might be (intentionally) funny in this one. A refreshing change. (Variety)