Peter Jackson really wants to get the band back together. That band being the cast of Lord Of The Rings. But what if one of those band members has moved on to join an actual band?

Flight Of The Conchords" star Bret McKenzie had a brief cameo in Lord Of The Rings before finding success by dressing up as a rapping robot. During the council meeting in Fellowship Of The Ring, the camera pans to a random elf played by McKenzie. His character never factors into the plot nor was he given an official name. He actually became known as Figwit once fans nicknamed him that.

As he's doing with most of the original cast, Jackson wants McKenzie to reprise his role in The Hobbit. There's no word on whether his role will be expanded, but I kind of hope that he's once again only featured when the camera pans to reveal him listening in. Maybe this time he can be eating a sandwich or something. (Stuff)