In an interview with Marketsaw - a blog devoted entirely to 3D filmmaking - Steve Schklair, the CEO of 3ality Digital Systems claims that Lord of the Rings helmer Peter Jackson will be shooting all of his directorial efforts using 3ality's technologies.  You can read the whole article at Marketsaw. 

Sites like ScreenRant suggest that Jackson's devotion to 3D from now on will help shift exhibitors over to the 3Dark Side, which they have been reluctant to do because of retrofitting costs and the lack of 3D movies.  Personally, I'm a fan of 3D technology, from the the way UP used it organically in the story to the stuff that's used shamelessly by films like My Bloody Valentine 3D.  Part of me wishes Drag Me to Hell had been in 3D.  Some of the film's shock moments are perfect for the third dimension.

Here's hoping that Jackson considers going into his back catalogue and 3D-ifies flicks like Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive.  I can't think of a more visceral theatrical experience than an AIDs-ridden rabbit vomiting forth upon the audience in the movie theater and the audience in the film.  That's, like, sooooooo metaaaaaaaaa...

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