Ten months ago, Paramount let the world know that Matthe Greenberg (1408) was starting a script on a Pet Semetary remake, and today they announced(via /Film)...he's almost done with that script. What's next for Paramount? Looking for a "high-level director" of course! Like James Cameron? Eh. Probably not that high. Kevin Smith? Eh. Higher than that. Brian de Palma-ish? There we go.

And...that's your update on Pet Semetary. Not much else is known about the remake. "Gritty" seems to be the way most audiences and studios like their remakes these days, so maybe they can exhume the corpse of Fred Gwynne and have it reprise his character from the original. That would be pretty gritty. Maybe they're going to go a different Freddie vs. Jason way with it. It could be a Pet Semetary/Lawnmower Man crossover. That would take a lot of people back.

Regardless of what they do with Pet Semetary, Stephen King fans shouldn't be too concerned, with Dark Tower and The Stand in production, and Firestarter and Maximum Overdrive being kicked around by studios as well. It would appear that studios the world over are in the Stephen King remake business. And business is good.