Pennsylvania Teen Tries To Be Like Kick-Ass, Gets Arrested For Loitering And Prowling

Thursday, August 15 by
This is the movie character, not the vigilante teenager. I'm guessing the teen looks much weirder. 

The upside to this story is, although a movie encouraged a kid to go out and do a stupid thing, at least he didn’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. Instead he just comes across as kind of weird and damaged.


Todd Kapcsos (how the hell am I supposed to pronounce that “c?”) was out in small Pennsylvania town just lurking in the bushes and practicing some ninja moves in his ninja outfit when some folks called the cops because he was creeping people out.

When asked why he was doing such nonsensical things, Todd actually had a pretty decent response. He said, “There’s not enough police officers. I mean there’s not enough. The community should do something rather than sit back.”

This comes in the wake of a stabbing death in the small town of Moxham. When teenagers are angling to solve a city’s crime problem, rather than contribute to it, it’s time to staff up police.

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