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Peep Red Skull and Cosmic Cube from ‘Captain America’

Monday, January 10 by

Super-heroes tend to be a package deal – you don’t just get Batman, but also Robin, a utility belt, and an acrobat wearing uncomfortably small shorts. It’s the same with one of 2011’s most anticipated big screen superheroes, Captain America: The First Avenger. Some new images have dropped onto the internet recently, one of the all-powerful Cosmic Cube (not available in stores), and Captain America‘s archenemy, the undateable Red Skull. The Red Skull’s concept art can be found below, and it’s no surprise to anyone familiar with the character. Pretty standard red-skeleton-who-is-also-a-Nazi stuff here, which is admittedly really cool. Pictured above is an actual photo of the Cosmic Cube being handled by Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull’s alter-ego, presumably just before coming down with one of the worst skin conditions in modern history. The photo is interesting, although it’s safe to assume that in the actual movie there will be a lot of fancy post-production effects used in order to achieve that special “reality-warping feeling.” No new pics of Chris Evans as Cap, but it’s also safe to assume that we will eventually be seeing pictures of Captain America’s iconic star-and-stripe adorned shield, preferably bouncing off of Hitler’s face.


Johann Schmidt

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