I'm really starting to get the feeling that Cameron Crowe enjoys rock music. His latest project, a documentary/look back on the seminal grunge band Pearl Jam, really removed all doubt. The film is titled Pearl Jam Twenty in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the band's formation.

In case you think this is just about the money for Crowe (SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH! THIS IS ABOUT THE MUSIC!), the film will only enjoy a limited theatrical run after its premiere before it film pops up on PBS, where everyone can see it, even if they're too lazy to get a job and pay for cable. The film will presumably screen in Alpine Valley, WI, over Labor Day for the band's proper birthday celebration, though no specifics have been announced.

Though he is a fanboy of the Seattle sound, Crowe is a skilled enough filmmaker that PJ20 should look more like a film than a tribute piece.

"Man, if they don't play 'State of Love and Trust" in the documentary. I'm gonna be so pissed. SO PISSED!"