Alexander Payne To Hit The Road Again

Tuesday, January 18 by

Alexander Payne, director of such melancholy comedy classics as About Schmidt and Sideways, is returning to similar thematic territory with the road trip comedy Nebraska. Payne, who recently completed the drama The Descendants, was given Robert Nelson’s script for Nebraska way back in 2004, but wanted to put some distance between himself and the project after completing Schmidt and Sideways, two road movies, back-to-back.

Nebraska, which is about a father who thinks he’s won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes and his estranged son who must accompany him for the ride to claim it, even though he believes the ticket is not a winner, has cast no actors yet. However, Robert Forster, who is also in The Descendants, is being thought of for the father role, and Ben Affleck could be the son, although, according to producer Ron Yerxa, “Alexander can’t cast an actor until he’s read for the part and he knows he’s exactly right for it.” Shooting will begin later this year, and while many elements are stil up in the air, we can probably expect the usual from Alexander Payne: men in crisis, unflattering closeups, hilarious awkwardness, and of course, Kathy Bates naked. (The Playlist)

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