Director Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby) was a Scientologist and he wants you to know those guys suck. Ever since leaving the celebricult in October 2009, after being part of Scientology for 35 mind-melting years, he has been very vocal about the science-fiction-ramblings-turned-real-life-religion.

His latest slam is pretty epic. Haggis was the subject of a super-long, 26 page profile by The New Yorker uncovering the troubles with Cruisism. He's never spoken publicly about his specific troubles with the cult until now. Like when Church officials told Haggis' wife to "disconnect" from her parents, as if they were connected via an ethernet cable and could easily be reconnected in a second. Haggis officially describes them as a "cult" and claims they trick children into signing billion year contracts via a group called Sea Org. This is not to be confused with "Seaquest," which only signs dolphins to billion year contracts.

The FBI has recently been investigating Scientology weirdness too, but they need to be careful, or their souls will end up in a volcano or something. (CBS & EW)