Somewhere along the line, grizzled old prospectors became a hilarious comedy archetype, along with potheads and snooty English butlers. They had crazy beards, crazy slang ("that tool nipper's a real cackler, dagnabbit.") and were always on a crazy pursuit for gold. Now Michael Mann and Paul Haggis have gone crazy with gold fever, because they're packaging a movie called - what else? - Gold as a possible directing vehicle for Mann. The film is supposedly similar to 1948's The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Haggis discovered the spec script from "Friday Night Lights" scribes Patrick Massett and John Zinman, but since he's busy flipping off Scientology, Haggis passed the screenplay onto Mann. The two of them will produce, along with Michael Nozik. Currently, there are no actors attached, but any big city actor-folk who wanna join these muckmen for a buzzard dollar will be greeted at camp by a stomachlobber serving 'em up a plate of beans. That's mining talk for something. (Hollywood Reporter)