Considering pretty much everything he attaches to falls through, we can rejoic knowing that Paul Greengrass might finally be directing another movie. Vulture reports that Greengrass has three projects to choose from. The first is the Sony Pictures' adaptation of "A Captain's Duty." The true-life tale (now titled Maersk Alabama) will star Tom Hanks as skipper Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali pirates before being rescued by Navy SEALS.

The second film on his desk blotter is Rush, a Formula One racing drama written by Peter Morgan. The story follows the near-deadly 1976 season of driver Niki Lauda. The screenplay also details Lauda's rivalry with driver James Hunt, both on and off the track. It also deals with the 1976 German Grand Prix where Lauda spun out of control and burst into flames, causing him to nearly burn to death and lose his right ear. But that didn't stop him from pulling himself out of bed to face Hunt in several more races. Which he lost. So, yeah, that's kind of a bummer ending. Maybe they should tell the tale backwards, Memento style.

And finally, the third film Greengrass is considering is a secret. So we'd better not catch you snooping around in Mom and Dad's closet. You'll ruin the surprise. (Vulture)