Paul Feig To Stop Directing Raunchy Women For A Second To Produce A ‘Peanuts’ Movie

Thursday, October 24 by
I wish Jimmy Carter was alive to see this.  

Paul Feig recently disclosed that he was a lifelong Peanuts fan, which is a good thing, because that announcement came with the announcement that he will be producing the new Peanuts live-action film that will star (with help of some heavy prosthetics and makeup work):

  • Jack Black as Charlie Brown
  • Susan Sarandon as the mumbling teacher
  • Linda Cardellini as Lucy
  • Michael Cera as Linus
  • Donald Glover as a new Peanuts character “Sweet Lou”

Ok. None of those casting revelations are true. In fact, the film is going to be animated. But that was fun, wasn’t it?

But, in case the crippling ennui and existential dread of your own life isn’t compelling enough, you’ll get the opportunity to see disillusioned, defeated toddlers mope their way through life in cartoon form in about two years.

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