[post-album postid="217435" item="2"]Paul Feig's adeptness at putting women in embarrassing situations has landed him the chance to direct the third Bridget Jones's Diary film. The Bridesmaid's director is said to be in talks to helm the sequel to the classic romantic comedy. Bridget Jones creator, Helen Fielding, has written a script that would follow Renee Zellweger's titular character on her attempts to have a baby.

But nothing is a done deal just yet as it may be tricky to get the film's stars to return. Renee Zellweger most likely would because she did Case 39, so how's she going to argue? Colin Firth has an Oscar now which means his dry charm has become a lot more expensive. And Hugh Grant is keeping busy doing... I don't know, Hugh Grant stuff. So let's just go ahead and put Jon Hamm in their place in a dual role. (Daily Mail)