Paul Feig, Not One To Upset Apple Carts, Is Making Another Female Comedy

Tuesday, December 17 by
Get back to the editorial offices of the New Yorker, you fop! 

In case you’re immediately wondering whether THIS R-rated female comedy will star Melissa McCarthy – it hasn’t been announced, but he has to direct ANOTHER Melissa McCarthy comedy (Susan Cooper) before he even gets to this one, so…maybe.

The film, which is yet-untitled, will be one of Feig’s own brainchildren (brainchilds? Weird.) but written by The Other Woman‘s Melissa Stack. No details have been made available, but it’s supposed to serve as a showcase for an ethnically diverse group of comedic women, so if diversity is one of the top qualities you look for in a film, you’re all good here.

What is known is that Paul Feig will get a very dressed up on set, for photoshoots, and for publicity, making us wish that we had the motivation to shower, let alone match our hats to our pocket squares.


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