Sony announced that Kevin James, who stars in Oscar bait like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, will re-team with Frank Coraci, his director from 2011's The Zookeeper, for an MMA movie. As we reported in September, the still untitled movie stars James as a teacher who does a little mixed martial arts in his spare time to help save the school's beloved music program. If my teacher was schlubbery Kevin James, and he began class one day by saying, "anyone want me to get my ass kicked to save music class," even though I hated going to band practice, I'd still be like, "yes, you've gotta get your teeth kicked in -- I love band so much."

Coraci is one of Adam Sandler's directors of choice. He helmed The Waterboy, Click and The Wedding Singer. His newest movie, The Zookeeper, apparently tested so high with audiences they're releasing it in July. We wish Coraci good luck and if he has any lingering doubts about whether or not he can direct this film, this is all we have to say. (Deadline)