Comedian/Actor/Guy Patton Oswalt is the next person to want in on the Odd Thomas train to Funtown. Oswalt will be playing the part of "Oswald" (my dad is already confused), a sculptor who goes by the delightful nickname "Ozzie." Since I don't have much else to say about this story, I'll make a joke about how he might be biting the heads off of bats, or spitting blood, or sucking since the 80s, or something.

Anyway, he's joining Anton Yelchin as the titular clairvoyant, and Willem Dafoe and Nico Tortorella are rumored to be attached as well. The universally beloved Stephen Sommers is directing, so it's likely we'll be hearing some funny stories about Oswalt complaining about Van Helsing on set. (Variety)