If you happen to be Yelp user Jason O. of Winnetka, CA, there's something you should know. You've managed to achieve greater successes than 99% of the aspiring writers in Hollywood without even trying.

Last night after a special screening of Young Adult at the Arclight cinema in Hollywood, actor Patton Oswalt and host Garry Shandling discussed the film and took questions from the audience. During a lull in the requisite ass kissing that goes on at such events, Shandling pulled out a printed Yelp review of the movie theater's parking lot, and asked Oswalt to perform it as a monologue. Happy to oblige, Oswalt launched into an emotional tirade written by Yelp User Jason O., who is extremely unhappy about Arclight's policy of not fully reimbursing customers for their parking.
Our whole experience was really good up until the end. Now I do not know if this is something the theater has any control over or not. We had to pay $2 for parking WITH the movie theater validation! WITH VALIDATION! (maybe it was $3) I have no problem paying for parking but the whole idea is that you validate so you don't have to pay. Let's go with a smart parking facility as an example. Sherman Oaks Galleria charges for parking and that makes sense. If you are using their big fancy convenient parking structure you should pay for it. Now the businesses want you to come and spend money there so they compensate you so that you will not go to a similar business that does not make you pay for parking. Naturally if you go to a store or a shop at the Galleria it covers you for a little bit of time. If you get dinner or drinks from a restaurant it covers you for like 2 hours. And if you go to a movie it covers you for 3 or 4 hours. If you go to a movie and then you dick around for an hour and a half you will have to pay a little bit. THIS WHOLE THING MAKES PERFECT SENSE! Does anyone not get this? Why would the Hollywood location's validation only cover part of the cost of seeing a movie?

I love this theater but this parking this is stupid. Oh well, maybe someday they will change that. Until then I will stick to theaters with real parking validation.

And with that, Jason O. can now claim that his work has been performed by two of the most innovative comedians of our time. However, he probably shouldn't get too cocky. As Shandling said in reference to the review, "And I thought I had no life because I'm on Twitter."