The Belgian thriller Loft is the latest foreign film to get an English-language remake, and two favorites Patrick Wilson and James Marsden have signed on to play the leads. Here's what it's about:
"The plot involves five men who rent a loft apartment together where they can bring their mistresses, only to discover a woman’s body there, raising the possibility that any one of them could be the killer."

So it appears that Loft falls into the subgenre of "bros in trouble" movies. Wilson especially is great for this type of movie, as evidenced by his performance in the "bros in trouble" (more accurately "bro in trouble") movie Hard Candy.

The director of the original Loft, Erik Van Looy will be directing the English-language version. So try and track down a copy of the original before this comes out so you can feel cooler than your friends. (via The Playlist)