Advice for people looking for work: be David Arquette's sister. That guy will totally hire you.

[post-album postid="201877" item="3"]Patricia Arquette will star alongside Kacey Barnfield and Abraham Benrubi ("ER") in director David Arquette's Glutton. The film is about a bedridden, 1200 pound man, which is awesome. I hope they adapted the story from that great episode of"The Simpsons" where Homer wears a muumuu. Y'know, they make a lot of "Simpsons" action figures, I wonder-- yup, they did.

Glutton is also being shot in 3D, by the way. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Benrubi plays the morbidly obese lead, Barnfield will play his only friend, who is blind, and in a big stretch, Patricia Arquette will play Benrubi's sister. It's the role she's been auditioning for her entire life. Except for the having to take care of a fat man part. The sister stuff, I assume she's got down cold. (Variety)