Keeping in the spirit of remaking everything just because, there's a rumor going around that Guy Ritchie is eager to remake Cannonball Run. I take this news with enough salt to deice Sundance.

If this story is to be believed (don't believe it), Ritchie wants George Clooney to play the role Burt Reynolds played in the original films. I'd be interested to see Ritchie's take on the concept of an illegal cross-country race (always felt the original needed more bloodshed), but I really can't believe this is true. First off, Ritchie is busy with Sherlock Holmes 2, Clooney has a thousand projects in the works, and Larry the Cable Guy would have to dig way too deep to pull off Captain Chaos.

So mark me down as the skeptic. We have a better chance at getting an apology from Kurt Sutter than we do at ever seeing Ritchie remake Cannonball Run. (Badass Digest)