It would appear that Paris Hilton's ability to warp time to make fifteen minutes of fame last ten years is no longer. Vulture is reporting that Oxygen, home to such shows as Women Be Shoppin'! and Keeping Up with Lynda Carter (I made both those up), is passing on a second season of The World According to Paris due to the fact that virtually no one was watching it. The show premiered this summer, drawing in a paltry 400,000 viewers, losing even those precious viewers in subsequent weeks.

The show further lost favor with the network due to Oxygen's sleeper smash Th Glee Project. So does this mean that Paris Hilton is less popular than a singing gay handicapped boy? I'm going to go ahead and say yes.

More important than the cancellation of the show itself is the fact that this may be a harbinger that people are no longer paying attention to Paris Hilton. Granted, they probably just moved on to Kim Kardashian, but I see that as a slight improvement, if only because Kim K has an insanely slappable ass, whereas the only thing slappable on Hilton was her face.