Paramount, fresh off their first solo animated success with Rango, has decided to keep visiting the well of goofy cartoon characters until they're fresh out of goofy cartoon characters. Next up is New Kid, an animated feature about a boy who's a little out of place in his classroom, probably because he's in outer space and everyone else in his classroom is an alien, but possibly because his parents are getting divorced or something.

Who will pen such a light-hearted family romp? The guy who wrote The Book of Eli, of course. If you can write for Denzel, you can definitely write for some dumb little kid who's stuck with a bunch of aliens. That's screenwriting 101, folks.

The source material for New Kid is an online comic published by Penny Arcade, which has found some success as a creator of blogs, videos games, and even a TV series. Now they're gonna be movie producers. What a country! (THR)