Everything you know is wrong. A Hollywood studio was not able to create a remake out of something. Read that sentence again. The end is nigh.

Paramount, after holding rights to the sci-fi book series Dune for four years, saw their option lapse today as they were unable to to turn a book into a movie. There was even precedence with a 1984 feature adaptation flop. This does NOT bode well for the Daredevil reboot.

The failure to get the movie made didn't appear to be for lack of effort on Paramount's part. Their first-choice director, Peter Berg, dropped out to do Battleship (read: more money), and they thought they were tracking well with Taken helmer Pierre Morel and a script that was able to condense much of the rambling story. Alas, the studio had a hard time with the projected $100 million budget, and that seemed to be a dealbreaker.

However, should the party to which the rights reverted, Richard Rubinstein, decide to use Paramount's script at some point, the studio might be able to get some of that pre-development cash back. Light a candle for lowly Paramount. (Deadline)