I guess they still have to call Paramount a "film studio" even though the Hollywood giant has declared it will no longer deliver film prints. Because people who say "movie" when they mean "film" are cavemen.

Considering the film prints have to be physically delivered to the movie theaters (I mean "cinemas"), it seems logical that studios would be eager to cut out that expense when films could probably just be downloaded by the theaters (CINEMAS). I guess. I'm not a projectionist. And I never will be.

Anyway, it's likely that other studios will follow suit in short order leaving some people to piss themselves and ooze out of their stupid mouths why film is better. It's not. Digital is better. You know how I know that? Because they can make digital look like actual film, but not the other way around. When you're comparing two things, and one of the things is capable of being the other things as well, that's the more desirable thing.

Oh. The last film they put out on film was Anchorman 2. You can read into that as much as you'd like.