When Bradley Cooper was cast to play Lucifer in Paradise Lost, we wondered aloud how the hell that was going to work. Cooper isn't known so much for his dark qualities. He's more so the actor that lonely girls claim as their fictitious boyfriend. Well, today there's news that clears it all up. Cooper will be lord over the underworld of pain and torture with the help of creepy motion-capture technology.

Director Alex Proyas will begin production soon in Sydney with the intention of a late 2013 release. There's no word about exactly how much mo-cap will be employed and whether it will be used for all characters or just a select few. We'll keep you posted when Andy Serkis joins the production because whether the filmmakers know it or not, Andy Serkis finds his way into all motion captured films. He's like Lawnmower Man. (Ausfilm via The Playlist)