Parade of 1000 Rockys!

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This past Sunday, a “Parade of 1000 Rockys” kicked off at Love Park in Philadelphia with a march of 1000 Rockys – all wearing striking gold and black Rocky Balboa – “The Italian Stallion” Robes – en route to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and capped off with Celebration of Rocky Block-Style party at the popular “Rocky Statue” situated at the base of the “Rocky Steps”.  The Celebration was to promote “ROCKY – THE UNDISPUTED COLLECTION”, featuring all six ROCKY films FINALLY together on Blu-ray.

The festivities included a Rocky look-a-like contest, Snapple giveaways, hot, melty cheesesteaks, and Danny Bonaduce’s gravely voice. With so many Italian Stallions working up a sweat in the heart of the Philly, a thick cloud of Drakkar Noir loomed over the city until early this morning.

Check out some of the footage below. It looked like one heck of a fun time for people who idolize the ficticious boxing marvel. Even Bonaduce was in good spirits, as evidenced by him getting his ass kicked by some little kid in the second video.

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