PAPER HEART, starring Michael Cera and his comedienne girlfriend, Charlyne Yi, opens August 7th, and Overture Films sent has released some new images.  The film played Sundance this year and won the Waldo Salt Award for Best Screenplay.  Previous winners included The Squid & The Whale, Memento, and The Station Agent.  Apparently the film was improv'd mostly, so I'm sure there are a handful of seething indie filmmakers still listening to Iron & Wine albums in an attempt to "process" the travesty. 

Read the synopsis of the film and see some more pics after the jawmp!

The film follows Yi as she embarks on a quest across America to make a documentary about the one subject she doesn’t fully understand: Love. Cera becomes the object of her affection.  Weaving together reality and fantasy, the film combines elements of documentary and traditional storytelling to bring a fresh perspective to the modern romance PAPER HEART also stars Jake Johnson (Red Belt) who plays the film director documenting Yi’s international journey that includes stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York City, Toronto and Paris.