Pursuant to government act H.R. 494, which I touched on earlier today here, and requires that all films, no matter what their substance, be turned into musicals, Guillermo del Toro's disturbing wartime fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth will be rolled out as a Broadway musical, with all the singing, dancing, and fancy puppets that musicals entail.

Del Toro has co-authored the book that will serve as the source material for the project. I'm at a bit of a loss as to why someone who's produced a movie (with a script and everything!) needs to write a book in order to turn a movie with a script into a musical, but maybe "book" is the phrase that musical theater people use for the script-y music-y thing that tells the acting, singing people what to act/say/sing. I'm unfamiliar with this world, in case you couldn't tell.

No word on further details, but one can expect Nathan Lane to pop up as either Pan, the fascist antagonist, or, with the right prosthetics, the little girl.