Pacino And Levinson Will Go ‘Humbling’ Before They Go ‘Gotti’

Friday, June 10 by

Before ensuring that every member of the Travolta clan is eligible for their SAG benefits in Gotti: Three Generations, star Al Pacino and director Barry Levinson just have this one thing they have to take care of first – The Humbling.

The Humbling is a film based on a Phillip Roth novel of the same name and will star Pacino as a retired stage actor who moves to upstate New York and takes up with a much younger woman. That’s it. That’s the plot, per Deadline. I mean, if I was Pacino or Levinson, I wouldn’t be in too huge a hurry to make the increasingly bizarre Gotti movie either, but I’m not sure that this new project is that much of an improvement. I mean, there’s not even a single Travolta in The Humbling!

The Humbling starts filming this fall, so dont expect to see Gotti until late 2012 at the earliest. From a glass-is-half-full perspective, perhaps the delay will allow everyone to take a big deep breath and figure out how the hell Lindsay Lohan and Joe Pesci are supposed to share a trailer.

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