Oy Vey, Rogen and Streisand To Film Road Trip Movie

Friday, January 28 by

Barbara Streisand will play Seth Rogen‘s mother in Paramount’s road trip comedy My Mother’s Curse, and just thinking about that car ride gives me such a headache. I’m imagining Streisand as an overbearing Jewish mother, and slacker Rogen will probably retort with quiet wisecracks, while the audience sits and absorbs Streisand at her absolute kvetchiest. And if she sings, what then? Feh. My advice, should you want it, is be sure to locate the emergency exits before the film starts.

In the film, Rogen is an inventor who tries to sell a new product on a road trip with Momma Streisand, and along the way she’s reunited with an old flame. Hopefully, Rogen’s invention is the bubble from “The Prisoner,” which traps Streisand inside it for most of the movie. Then Rogen teams up with Harold & Kumar and we have a proper road trip. One with boobs, weed, more weed and more boobs.

My Mother’s Curse will be directed by Anne Fletcher (The Proposal – ugh) and written by Dan Fogelman (Fred Claus – double ugh). Yeah, this long shelved project was finally greenlit, and Paramount’s passing the curse onto moviegoers. I could plotz. (Hollywood Reporter)

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