‘Ouija’ Won’t Be Scary Because That Would Make Sense

Wednesday, December 15 by

Universal is taking a movie that shouldn’t be made and now not making it how it should be made. The big screen adaptation of the sometimes if you’re drunk enough mystical oracle board game Ouija won’t be scary. Producer Brad Fuller said it before, and now writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who also wrote Tron Legacy, confirmed it. I was just hoping Brad was drunk.

“No. It’ Indiana Jones – that kind of tone,” says Horowitz. “It’s a big adventure movie.”

Alright, just Horowitz said it, but I’m sure Kitsis nodded. Good job, Universal. You stripped the project of its single appealing aspect. Now get Robin Williams signed on to hunt down monkeys and elephants and I’m sure you’ll have a hit. Of course David Alan Grier is already a given. (Coming Soon)

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