Hollywood hears you loud and clear. You said you wanted more Yogi Bear movies, and goddamn it, they're gonna make you more Yogi Bear movies. Better Yogi Bear movies. Or rather, just more Yogi Bear movies. That's good enough, right?

[post-album postid="12423" item="1"]Warner Bros. hired back Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia (Rio) to script the sequel. Though Yogi Bear opened soft with $16.4 million domestic in pic-a-nic baskets, it went on to earn over $100 million in its US run. Those numbers mean everything the studio did was right creatively, and that the same writers and producers should be brought back. Andrew Haas will executive produce Yogi Bear 2, with Donald De Line and Karen Rosenfelt regular producing.

I apologize if this news casts a dark cloud on your Memorial Day weekend plans. (Variety)