With talks of Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber headlining the same movie, it looks like the stars are aligning. Or are those asteroids headed to earth to destroy us? *Looks Through Telescope.* Yup, definitely asteroids. My bad.

Bieber may spread his deadly fever into the world of scripted comedy, as he's in talks to star in What Would Kenny Do? with Kutcher, a movie about a 17-year-old boy who's visited by the hologram of his adult self to help guide him throug high school. I'm sure the Razzie nominating committee is planning a lavish celebration at their offices if the deal goes through, and I hear critics are already scribbling lines for their reviews in their notebooks for when the film actually comes out. Lines like, "I didn't need my future self to tell me this would be the worst thing ever."

Bieber's intense tour schedule will probably stop this madness from happening, but I guess I should never say never.

The Sony film will be produced by Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment, who is currently seeking a new writer and director. Apparently they're unhappy with the original Black List script by Chris Baldi and the rewrite by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber (500 Days of Summer). (LA Times)