Oscar Voters Supported ’12 Years A Slave’ Without Ever Seeing It

Thursday, March 6 by

Much like we all did with our Oscars Pool ballots, two voting members of the Academy have admitted to voting for 12 Years a Slave without having seen it. According to the LA Times, the two voters avoided watching the film because they feared “it would be upsetting. But they said they voted for it anyway because, given the film’s social relevance, they felt obligated to do so.”

Uh-oh. I’m feeling the need to reach into the ol’ GIF sack…

That’s pretty telling and points to a broken Oscars voting system that is in massive need of an overhaul. Also, it explains how Bad Grandpa lost to Dallas Buyers Club in the Best Makeup Category. You watch and try to tell that penis caught in the vending machine was fake!

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