A lot of the original Lord of the Rings fellowship is finding a place in The Hobbit, whether they were in the book or not. Orlando Bloom gave good indications that Peter Jackson wants Legolas in The Hobbit, while he was at the press junket for his latest movie, Sympathy for Delicious.

“I’m really excited about going to see Pete again,” Bloom said. “That’ll be great. I’m looking forward to it. It’s still a littl up in the air but the idea of working with Pete would be fantastic. It’s looking like it and I can’t really talk too much about it at this point.”

It must be pretty close to certain though, given this development. “I just got given the script to piece through so it’s quite exciting.”

Bloom got the whole script, not just Legolas’s pages, although really there couldn’t be much of a spoiler for a classic novel. It would have to be a younger Legolas though, so Bloom joked about having to get back in shape.

“Are you telling me I’ve put on weight in the last 10 years?”

After Delicious, Bloom will next be seen in The Three Musketeers, but not buckling swash as it were. “When The Three Musketeers came along, it was like the Duke of Buckingham would be a fantastic role because it’s a completely different thing for me as opposed to being a musketeer. I get to be the giant petulant child in many ways that the Duke of Buckingham turns out to be.”