In one year, Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman has covered quite a bit of ground, having made the leap from "breakout star" to "guy who can pretty much play the same roles as Orlando Bloom." Hmm. When I phrase it that way, it sounds more like a big step backwards than progress. Regardless, he will be the new co-star of Lola Verus, a romantic comedy starring Greta Gerwig as a woman who, after getting dumped, takes stock of her life. Like so many other romantic comedies. I hope she encounters a free spirit!

Orlando Bloom was originally tapped for the role, but he dropped out of late-stage negotiations, leaving producers scrambling for a replacement before production starts later this month in New York. Kinnaman's buzz almost certainly preceded him in the negotiations, with prominent roles in the upcoming Safehouse with Ryan Reynolds, David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and AMC's "The Killing."

Wow. He's like a Swedish James Franco, or "Jann Franko," if you will.