In a vacuum, it may seem odd that studios and media are so eager to report on sequel plot details before the originals are even released. More simply put, it should seem odd that studios greenlight sequels before the originals have been released. Are we really that predictable as audiences?

Of course we are. And because we are, here are some plot points of the Cap'n America sequel that's going to happen whether we want it to or not. They're essentially crowdsourcing the story, running with two parallel timelines, one set in WWII days, and one modern timeline. Producers are waiting to gauge fan reaction to this summer's launch to see which timeline they ought to weight more heavily. Also for consideration is the Avengers film, which will predate the Captain sequel, so there's also the plot of that ensemble piece to consider.

Remember the days when movies were just written to stand on their own merit and audiences cherished the originality and honest work of a man telling a story? Yeah, me neither. (MTV)