One Of Those Snow White Movies Got A Director…And A Title

Wednesday, August 3 by

Big news for Snow White project JN54906BW8! The film not only has a director in special effects guru Michael Gracey, but also a title. And that title is…The Order of the Seven. This film may have been originally titled Snow and the Seven, but no one knows for sure. You could have a million supercomputers processing for a million hours and it still wouldn’t be clear which project is which, though the fact that two out of three have titles is a step in the right direction. (Get it together, Tarsem.)

About the movie: This Disney project, which has been in various stages of development since 2002, concentrates a little bit more on Ms. White’s companions, the seven dwarves. This retelling contemplates a Chinese locale in which the seven are warriors rather than human Smurfs that Disney made them out to be in the animated version. Each of the seven will have a different fighting style, and the film is thought to be more action oriented than Snow White and the Huntsman or Tarsem’s version starring Lily Collins. In fact, the film is thought to be almost stand-alone, only loosely influenced by the fairy tale.

It’s assumed that “the seven” won’t be dwarves, but full-sized men. Which is crap, because a team of fighting dwarves would be cuh-razy! (THR)

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