So yesterday a report came in that Sonia Braga was joining Neil Blomkamp's upcoming movie Elysium. This was a mistake though - it's actually her niece, Alice Braga, who's been cast in the movie. Clarification Elysium will NOT have Sonia Braga in it, but will instead have her niece, Alice Braga. Got it? Good.
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There aren't any additional details on who her character in the movie will be, and she's joining the already-cast stars Jodie Foster and Matt Damon. The movie itself, like Blomkamp's previous project District 9, is a bit shrouded in mystery. We do know that it isn't a sequel to District 9, and that it takes place on a distant planet. Oh, and that Alice Braga will appear in it. Alice Braga, not Sonia Braga. (Deadline)