One Of The Oscar Nominees For Best Song Might Be The Most Obscure Nominee Ever

Thursday, January 16 by
How is that Native American not Johnny Depp?  

The nominees for Best Song are usually a pretty sorted bunch. There’s always some bland song from an animated film, a couple mainstream acts slumming it on a soundtrack, and then some singer-songwriter doing the indie film thing a la Crazy Heart.

So it’s a pretty random category to begin with, as it tosses a bunch of movie people in the realm of music and asks them to pick. But no choice, NOT EVEN THREE 6 MAFIA, comes from out of nowhere as much as “Alone Yet Not Alone,” the nominated song from the film…

Alone Yet Not Alone.

The song is has lyrics done by Dennis Spiegel, and music by Bruce Boughton. The film had a qualifying one-week run in the fall, but hasn’t been widely released yet, and it’s a Christian, faith-based film.

The guy in charge of the soundtrack for the entire film is the guy who composes the orchestra at the actual awards show, but surely that isn’t enough to beat out Coldplay, is it? I mean, what’s better than listening to “Yellow” in a kimono with soy latte on an October Sunday morning?

Nothing. Nothing is better than that.

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