3D movies can be polarizing. Some love them, some hate them. Personally, I kept taking my glasses off during Up, and being frustrated at having to leave them on. That was the last time I went to a 3D movie, and I don't know when I'll go again. I just find the whole experience to be kind of annoying. So, it shouldn't have surprised me to learn that there is historical evidence to explain why 3D makes me uncomfortable: Nazis were all about 3D filmmaking. Two thirty minute 3D films from Joseph Goebbels propaganda ministry were unearthed, and are being used in Phillip Mora's upcoming documentary How The Third Reich Was Recorded. Mora, who's no stranger to 3D himself (he'll be helming an upcoming 3D biopic about Salvador Dali), say that the quality of the restored films are fantastic, and feature frolicking girls and bratwursts being cooked. Hmm, maybe this whole Nazi thing wasn't so bad after all!* (AV Club, The Guardian)

*Apologies to my entire family for publishing that line.