Once Again, A New York Yankee Threatens Everyone’s Joy And Prosperity

Thursday, February 24 by

A film based on Dave Mandel’s 2009 Black List script The Trade is in the works starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, but there is a considerable roadblock it needs to overcome. The film, based on the real lives of former New York Yankees Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, is about two baseball players who, in 1973, start swapping wives, with the end result being that the couples swap permanently.

If that sounds fascinating, just picture Damon and Affleck in the roles. It sounds like a potentially terrific film, but the real life Kekich isn’t thrilled about it. He’s hoping to halt the film, which would get a rewrite from Affleck and his brother Casey, should everything go as planned. Other New York Yankees from that era as also refusing to participate, being extremely tight lipped with any information they might have on the situation.

Whether or not this does any actual damage to the production of the film won’t be obvious for a while, as Affleck and Damon each have a handful of projects slated to take place before this one. Let’s hope a little cold feet from some swinging yanks doesn’t gum up the works, as this sounds like a genuinely interesting story. Also, Rebecca Hall, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts are all being mentioned for the female leads, so that’s a reason or three to get this project off the ground. Heck, maybe Damon, the Afflecks, and the potential actresses can throw a nice key party for Kekich as a peace offering. That’ll bury the old hatchet, in more ways than one. (The Playlist)

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